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Movebubble Summer Session #1


Movebubble Summer Session #1

Yesterday, we threw our first Summer Session party at the Bird of Smithfield's rooftop... and we had an amazing evening! We'd love to say a huge thank you to all the lovely renters ...

Yesterday, we threw our first Summer Session party at the Bird of Smithfield’s rooftop… and we had an amazing evening! We’d love to say a huge thank you to all the lovely renters and agents that joined us, you guys made it a very special occasion 💕
If you couldn’t make it this time, make sure to stay tuned and apply for the tickets for Summer Session #2!

Have you missed it? No worries, here’s a short summary and a few pictures to give you an idea of what a “Movebubble Summer Session” looks like… Read on to find out how you can get involved next time 🎉

So many good reasons to celebrate!

It’s been a great couple of months at Movebubble, and we couldn’t wait to celebrate the recent results! Just a few weeks ago, we closed a very successful crowdfunding campaign that has seen the participation of over 400 investors for more than £820,000 raised 🙂

In addition to that, yesterday we hit 200,000 downloads and we saw two record months for enquiries and number of chat to agents started!

Summer Vibes 🍸

This summer, every day is rooftop day ☀ And there’s nothing better than a chilled evening with friends to start off the week in the right way. Don’t you love Mondays? I’m pretty sure that some of the agents that attended our party were making deals while chatting to renters, and a few renters might have found the home of their dreams, too… How cool!

Scary Flatmate Stories… 👻

There can be many different reasons to decide that it’s time to move on and find your own place. One of these can be a negative experience while sharing with other flatmates: no more flatmates horror stories…
We collected your stories and had a good laugh reading them out loud in the office, but they must not have been great experiences for you guys 😬

Here are a few ones that we found particularly scary:
My flatmate used to clip his toe nails and leave them on the kitchen counter. One day, I found one in my dinner after preparing it on the work surface…
Matt D.

One day, I came back from holiday and my flatmate had change my room decoration because it wasn’t matching her standards…
Boris F.
All of us thinking someone else was in, so we all left our keys inside and were locked out!
Jade H.
I came home to my flatmates disaster as he had broken our sink, leaked the house and covered it all in bleach, turning our flooring and towels pink/white…
Jessica M.
And the winner is… 🥁 Amy! Well done! Amy has won a £50 voucher to spend on Swoon 🤩
I once had a landlord and housemate who was ego maniac – he even had a self portrait of him as a unicorn above our fireplace! Also when I was living there, he decided he wanted natural wood floors… which involved 2 weeks of pure sawdust in everything! 🦄
Amy D.

…And Cool Moving dreams!

We’ve also had the chance to ask you guys where do you currently live and what’s your dream area in London, and we ended up with a very cute map of London! This lovely map is going to be part of our office from now on! Couldn’t you attend the party? Comment below to let us know what your favourite area in London is…

How can I get on the list for the next one?

If you want to make sure to be invited to our next Summer Session, make sure to follow these tips:
If you’re a renter:
Get the Movebubble app and keep an eye on it, you’ll receive instructions to apply for the tickets for Summer Session #2!
If you’re an agent:
Make sure to be in our top 25 most renter-friendly agent list 🙌🏻 Reply to all enquiries quickly, schedule viewings through the app and be nice to renters to receive positive reviews!

Hello! I'm Serena, Marketing & Social Media Executive at Movebubble. I had a few terrible renting experiences in London, and I'm here to help make renting better for you :)

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