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The safest places to live in London


The safest places to live in London

Last update: So where are the safest places to live in London? Like any buzzing capital city with millions of inhabitants, London has a higher crime rate than the rest of t ...

Last update: Nov 2, 2017 @ 12:25

So where are the safest places to live in London?

Like any buzzing capital city with millions of inhabitants, London has a higher crime rate than the rest of the UK. However, don’t let this deter you – we’ve put together a list of the 6 (we have updated the list to include the top 10) safest places to live in London based on official crime statistics from the MET police.

Finding a property to rent in London in a safe area is high on the priority list of many people moving into the capital each year, but it shouldn’t completely rule your decision.  If you’re looking for a specific borough of London and wish to find out more about policing in your area click here

There are a number of lovely London boroughs (usually in the suburban South East and South West) where the crime rate is actually less than the UK average of 64 crimes per 1000 citizens. These areas are also pretty affordable, so you get both safety and savings in one!  

1) Richmond

Image credit: Davide D'Amico

Image credit: Davide D’Amico

Originally founded as a royal retreat in the 16th century, Richmond upon Thames in South West London, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful spots in London. Situated on the riverside in the South West of the city, Londoners flock here on sunny days to enjoy the riverside, the expansive park, the local restaurants, and the pubs on the hill. With the lowest crime rate in London, it’s no wonder that famous faces such as Mick Jagger and Richard E Grant choose to make Richmond home.

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £1,200 pcm
Crime rate: 54 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 9.2 miles  
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2) Bexley

Image credit: Paul Wilkinson

Image credit: Paul Wilkinson

Voted one of London’s best places to live in a 2012 survey for its low prices and community spirit, Bexley in South-East London can now add safety to its list of accolades. This area feels more like a village than a borough on the edge of London, giving you the best of both worlds with a friendly local spirit, a huge green area in the form of Bexley Heath (where festivals and events are held) and fast connections into the city. It’s got some brilliant trendy local cafes serving fresh produce and a real sense of community spirit. The town centre butchers has been serving the locals for decades and you just need to pop into the library tea-room to see older residents of Bexley enjoying a gossip and cup of tea together!

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £950 pcm
Crime rate: 56 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 13.7 miles
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3) Kingston-upon-Thames

Image credit: Jim Linwood

Image credit: Jim Linwood

Just over a mile south of Richmond, Kingston upon Thames also ranks within the safest areas of London. As a bustling town in its own right, Kingston offers plenty of shops and restaurants, a busy riverside and a notable theatre. While the London Underground hasn’t reached Kingston yet, there are plenty of trains which will take you directly to London Waterloo in just over 30 minutes. Check out our secret guide to Kingston upon Thames here.

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £1000 pcm
Crime rate: 57 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 10.7 miles
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4) Sutton

Image credit: Tony Monblat

Image credit: Tony Monblat

This little quiet, sleepy suburban Sutton in South-West London is a great spot to raise a family. With lots of green spaces, good grammar schools, a busy town centre and even weekly farmers markets, this is the kind of place you would want to settle down in. Transport links to central London and the South are also very speedy, making it ideal for commuters. 

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £900 pcm
Crime rate: 57 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 12.2 miles

5) Harrow

Image credit: Herry Lawford

Image credit: Herry Lawford

For those seeking good schools in a safe and affordable area, it’s hard to beat North West London’s safest borough. Home to a number of private schools including the renowned Harrow School for Boys (attended by Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, no less), this culturally diverse area also offers two large shopping centres and great transport links with both tubes and trains to central London, making it ideal for families.

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £975 pcm
Crime rate: 63 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 13.7 miles
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6) Bromley

Image credit: Wikipedia

Image credit: Wikipedia

Located in South East London, this leafy suburb is a commuter’s dream with direct trains into London Victoria taking a mere 13 minutes. Lovely Victorian streets, a busy town centre, great state schools and a notable theatre make up the rest of Bromley’s charms, along with being the safest area in South East London.

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £875 pcm
Crime rate: 64 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 11.2 miles
Search for rental properties in Bromley 

Update: We have added four more areas to ‘the safest places to live in London list’.

7) Merton

Shops in Wimbledon

Image credit: Wikipedia

The London Borough of Merton is located in South West London and incorporates Wimbledon, Mitcham, Colliers Wood, Morden and Rayners Park. They all offer strong residential settings including plenty of parks and tree-lined streets. Wimbledon is the most sought-after area in Merton and offers two-bedroom properties from £1,790 per month.

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £1200 pcm
Crime rate: 66 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 10.2 miles 

8) Havering
A town in havering featuring a house and blue sky

The furthest area from central London, the borough of Havering is on the eastern fringes of Greater London and incorporates parts of Essex. Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster make up the main areas in Havering, with Upminster offering Tube station access via the District Line. Despite being located just half an hour away from central London, those living in Havering benefit from many countryside areas with lots of green and rural settings. 

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £825 pcm
Crime rate: 67 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 19.0 miles

9) Barnet

Buildings in Barnet

Barnet’s range of properties make it an ideal place to live for both families and young professionals, although it has garnered a reputation for being an area to lay down roots. Parks a plenty, village shops and lots of greenery certainly lend themselves to the family lifestyle, while transport links in the form of a tube and train station offer easy access into central London.

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £1000 pcm
Crime rate: 68 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 10.3 miles
Find rental properties in Barnet

10) Enfield

Home to the world’s first ever ATM machine, Enfield features its own slice of folklore. Sitting on the edge of North London, Enfield is your gateway to the scenic countryside of Hertfordshire whilst still offering you easy access into central London. There is a vibrant town centre, while a selection of good schools and period properties – along with favourable crime stats – will appeal to families. 

Cheapest rent for a two-bed flat: £975 pcm
Crime rate: 74 crimes per 1000 citizens
Distance from Central London: 16.3 miles


Not quite what you’re looking for? How about the best places to live in London, or the ultimate newbie guide to LondonOur best tip would be to start with one or two places you like and work from there or your search can get overwhelming! 

If you’ve got a question, let us know in the comments below. We always do our best to reply as soon as possible and in as much detail as we can! Thanks for visiting the blog guys. We hope that you find the content useful!

To discover more area guides and exclusive content about London, make sure you download the Movebubble app! 

Featured image by Francesco Sgroi

Hello! I'm Cat Byers, one of Movebubble's resident experts and researchers, alongside my work as a freelance writer, photographer and food stylist. My work keeps me up to date on the best new food events and openings in London, so I love to write about new pop-ups and places to go out! I also write London area guides, advice and information for renters.

Comments ( 149 )

  1. ReplySea
    Hello I am moving to London this September and looking for a safe place to live. Somewhere preferably close to Euston (at least good tube connection)... My budget is max 1300 gbp per month and I wish to have my own place, for example a one bedroom flat. Could you please suggest an area? I really don't know where to look. Many thanks!
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hiya! Some suggestions would be: Chalk Farm, West Hampstead, Finsbury Park, Holloway, Highbury... They are all easy to access Euston and very nice areas :) All the best with your search!
  2. Replylu
    hi there! My partner and I are looking to move to london in the next month looking for something around 1k 1.2k pm price tag and we've been looking into conversions, but it's a minefield looking for places based on their 'safeness'. I know that croydon, brixton, pekham and the like have/had bad raps in the past, but since their gentrification I wondered if you could shed light on what parts of these areas are up and coming and that you'd feel safe walking around at night in? My partner's going to be working central near the shard so suggestions on other areas with that price tag would be more than welcome. for context we're 30, probably classed as hipsters, yet the kind of people that hate the overuse of the word 'artisan' that's currently so popular at the moment. thanks for any help you can give us!
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Lu, Thanks for getting in touch. Personally I don't know those areas well but I do know some people who are living there and very much enjoying it. I can reassure you that most of the people out at night are probably just catching pokemon... ;) All the best, Amy
  3. ReplyCindy
    Hi, My daughter and her friend will be studying abroad at Kingston University this fall. We are trying to find a 2BR flat for them to share. Safety is our number 1 priority! Then distance and transportation to campus. Can anyone provide information for safe areas? We only have one week before they are leave so we are trying to get something set up quickly. Thank you very much for any information you can provide!
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Cindy, We've suggested lots of areas in this article, did you like the sound of any of those? What is their budget?
  4. ReplyRITA
    Hi, I'm looking for a house with a large garden ( around 1acre); in a lovely green village or small town; very close to (or in ) london and ; in a super safe area . Would you please advice me . I will specify my budget whenI find my dream house.
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Rita, are you looking to rent or buy? Check out Hampstead Garden Suburbs :)
  5. ReplyRita
    Hi again Amy, my family would like to rent a house in Wimbledon , is it a save area? What is the safest area in Wimbledon ? Who's living in Wimbledon? Is Wimbledon save as Richmond . Many thanks
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Rita, Although I don't know the area terribly well myself, I have visited a couple of times and it was lovely. I also know that Wimbledon Village is a lovely are to live. I guess with any area it's a good idea to visit first and see how you feel, and try to be as safe as you can by avoiding walking around late at night on your own etc. Is anyone else on the blog living in this area? All the best, Amy
  6. ReplyGeorgy
    HI Amy, i am moving to London in January. I am disabled and I am hoping to move to a safe place near Haringay, any suggestions please?
    • Amy McKechnie
      Hey Georgy, As always, I can't guarantee any particular are to be 'safe', but I can tell you about the nicer places in Haringey! I'd recommend Highgate, Crouch End, Muswell Hill or Alexandra Palace (which is close to Muswell Hill but slightly cheaper). Check those places out and see what you think :) All the best, Amy
  7. ReplySami
    Hi I will move to London from Sweden within a month or two. I have 3 kids 11,10 & 2 years old . I,m looking for very safe area with outstanding schools and good transportation to central london . Looking for 2 or 3 bedrooms flat or a house . Which areas you may suggest ! All the best / Sami
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Sami, Have you moved to London yet? What is your budget? If you want good connections into central London but would like somewhere more residential, Hampstead is nice, although a little pricey. Greenwich in South East London is also nice, while Bayswater in West London and Dartmouth Park in North London might be worth checking out. I hope this helps, Simon
  8. ReplyNars
    Hi, Thank you for being soo kind and responding to everyone. We have been doing extensive research for the best places to live in that is close to London, secure, safe, family orientated with affluent people, easy to travel, best schools jnr and senior, with activities and parks for my 5 year old. I feel soo nervous when I hear about the knife attacks. i just want to live in a lovely beautiful safe area which is convenient to start a business, close to London, great for family, lovely parks, opportunity for purchase of a house with a garden, activities. best of both but not too quite.
  9. ReplyUmesh
    Hi Jamie, I'm aware you have answered for this question long time ago but I would like to know what is situation now. How safe is the East ham for family and kids?
    • Sunil Pithwa
      Hi Umesh, East Ham is a great area with lots to do for the family. I found a great blog post by a group called EastBlam, they're experts on the area. I'd also suggest sending them a message on their facebook page.
  10. ReplyUmesh
    Hey guys, please suggest some budget, affordable and safe places near to Aldgate area.
    • Will Parkinson
      Hi Umesh! Happy to try to help out here. If you need to be near Aldgate then Stepney, Limehouse and Mile End are really good places to consider. You can find 1 bed properties for around £1200PCM (per calendar month) and plenty of flat shares in new builds, for around £750PCM. Without knowing your exact budget, it's a bit harder to be specific but you could also consider anything on the DLR that heads into Tower Gateway. As an example, you can get a two bed house in Isle of Dogs for £1200PCM (a lot more for your money). There are a number of places that are slightly cheaper in Shadwell too, £900PCM for a 1 bedroom place. Whilst Shadwell and Whitechapel are up and coming areas at the moment (lots of development and new restaurants) they are not generally considered as safe, but plenty of people live there and completely love it. If you had a specific budget in mind, Movebubble would love to help you zone in and find your next place to rent! All the best.
  11. ReplyLuiz
    Hi Guys, I'm moving with my family to London in July. We are looking for safe areas with good schools, green areas and a nice transport to Central London. We thought about Richmond, Putney, Clapham and Twickenham, what you can say about them? I read some articles saying Twickenham is not safe specially in game days, is that right? Thank you very much for your help.
    • Nicola Carr
      Hi Luiz, You've shortlisted some lovely areas for your family's move to London; and Twickenham is definitely a safe place, if a little busy on game or concert days! Wherever you choose to rent, don’t forget that the best way to secure a property in London is to use the Movebubble App to book viewings and also to make your offer so that you can get it to the agent before anyone else! Let us know if we can help when you’re ready to make an offer 🙂 Nicola and the Movebubble team x
  12. ReplyCathattad
    My daughter is moving to London in September and will be working near Tate Modern. She will need to flat share... any suggestions as to where we should start looking? She will be on a limited budget...£750-£900 pcm
  13. ReplyJessica
    pls my child is in school in london at se1 and i am relocating with my child. pls can you suggest where would be safe and also affordable for me as well as for my xhild to commute to school quickly the bigger one.
    • Simon Banks
      Hi Jessica, What is your monthly budget? This way I can suggest a few areas close to SE1 that may be suitable. Thanks, Simon
  14. ReplyPan
    What is the area with best primary grammar and private schools in London
  15. ReplySpman
    Hey there, I am moving to London in January and I would like to know safe areas with good transportation. My budget is 1000pounds for flat/studio if my girl comes with me and 700- 800 pounds if i come alone for same thing a small studio (we-i need to have my own bathroom and small kitchen). I will be studying in Bedfordshire University and probably my job will be in central London. So which areas do you suggest to start looking at? I remind you that I want it to be as safe as possible and with transportation towards central London and Bedfordshire University (underground and train) Thaaaaank you!!!!!

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